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Our Story

At Bigfoot PC LLC, our team of technicians are made up of both veteran tech's who got into the field when the first PC's became popular in the 80's as well as the younger generation of tech's taken right out of college and brought into the field. We have learned the hard way what big corporations can do to the little guy, so we formed our own company many years ago to protect the individual technician from the huge corporations and help them build their professional profiles in the industry. We are trying to grow our company across state boundaries, and fill the ranks so that we can compete with the international companies that dominate the landscape. Here you won't find any politics, or schemes, just hard working technicians doing something different every day, and making a decent living doing it. So if you’re interested in joining our expanding operations across the country, then send us a resume, and i hope to welcome you aboard!

Meet the Team

This is our core team of professionals who are responsible for the day to day operations. Of course we have a whole team of field technicians in various places around the country who also deserve recognition.


James Hickey

Founder & Public Relations

Our founder and often lead technician James Hickey has been in the business for over 20 years. Beginning when he was a kid, he had his hands in pc's back before Windows was thought up. Remember those days? Remember when we all learned to type on a typewriter? Remember when a floppy disc was actually floppy? Those were the days. In June of 2000, James got several IT & business certifications from Tri-County Technical Institute in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and later furthered his academics in a bachelors program at South Western Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon. Now he resides in the grand city of lights, Las Vegas.

Corey Turpin md

Corey Turpin

Lead Technician

Our lead technician has many years of experience in several areas of expertise. From general I.T. services to advanced computer diagnostics he offers a wide variety of skills that allow us to stay on the cutting edge of technology. He hails from the evergreen state of Washington and has come to the battle-born state of Nevada to help, advise, and fix any issues that he may encounter. His leadership skills working with groups of technicians is unrivaled. He believes building relationships with customers as well as coworkers is an essential building block to a successful company.

Ready To Join The Team?

Click here to reach out to us and tell us what your skillsets are. Send us a resume so we can see where you fit in, and what you still need to learn. We are a team when we work together.