Broken Laptop

Laptop Screen Repair

We charge a flat-rate of $75 to replace the screen on your laptop, all you have to do is send it to us through the mail, and when we get it, then we will give you the prices for a new or used screen based on the model number. You pay that amount, and we order the screen. Once it is finished (usually the same day we receive it), we will ship it back to you. You pay the shipping to send it to us, and we pay to send it back. Before you ship it, send us an email with a picture of the model number on the bottom of the laptop so that we can expedite the process. email it to You can ship it to:

Bigfoot PC, LLC
3415 East Garden Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Tech Support for Any Sized Home or Business!

Bigfoot PC, LLC is committed to keeping your business networks up-to-date and running properly. We are skilled, experienced and educated in maintaining large and small networks, including everything that fits inside them. From your laptop to your smartphone, and the infrastructure that encompasses them, we take care of it all. Feel free to ask us a question, and we will give you our best advice, or give us a call and we can meet at your location. From home networks to large corporate networks, we are there for you with affordable and common sense solutions!

Remote Monitoring & Repair

For home and business users, we are able to remotely monitor your home and office networks, and provide repairs, as needed. We give you a monthly report, if you purchase a service contract, or if you just need one time service, give us a call! We do it all.

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On Site Repairs

Wouldn't it be nice when something breaks down, If you could make a phone call and have someone there in an hour to fix it? Well now you can. From Laptops and Desktops, to Printers, Copiers, Scanners and more! If its tech and its down, we're the guys to call to fix it. Ask about our service plans!

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We have software solutions for just about any need, and hardware resources far below retail cost. If you need a quote for a new system or network, give us a call and let us surprise you! We have affordable redundant back-up systems available at an incredibly low monthly price!

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Networking Projects

We can do a wide variety of networking projects, from network upgrades, to system diagnostic and repairs. We can tone out a dead port and replace it, or upgrade your network equipment. Give us a call, we do it all.

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Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Marketing

Our basic website package consists of a 3-5 page website for $300 which includes basic logo creation, custom webforms, domain registration, and custom emails. We design your website around your companies theme, and add all the relevant content necessary to make it represent who you are.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of making your website stand out on the first page of Google using only natural search engine rankings. We do several things in the hidden code that you don't see and modify your websites structure to be more search engine friendly, so that people see you on the first page, without you having to spend a lot of money. SEO starts out at $200 and has a range of options. Results usually show up within 30 days

Website marketing, also has a variety of options, from email marketing, to creating and managing online ad campaigns on Google, and Facebook. We can create and manage your business Facebook pages, and link them back to your website by using dynamic content and page widgets. Instead of having a static website, we can make it interactive for your customers.

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Our Service Plans

We have three different Service Plans Available.

The First is designed for home users, and small businesses. Click here to find out more.

The second is designed for medium sized businesses, usually local companies with a lot of equipment. Click here to view more.

The third is for large corporations, with multiple locations. Click here to view more

How we can help you...

Bigfoot PC LLC is an Independent Service Organization (ISO) who supplies field service technicians all across the continental United States where we build, maintain, repair and upgrade computer networks, and their peripherals.

We operate on the leading industry platforms as an ISO, where we have held one of the highest continuous ratings for an ISO for many years in a row. We are a company of technicians, built and run by technicians. So if you want someone local, honest, personal and professional, then call us and we will evaluate how we can best meet your needs.

We have the capability to setup networks, and troubleshoot systems for problems or possible problems, both locally and remotely. Using our proven programs, we can simplify the process of connecting your computers, and monitoring your systems securely over the world wide web.

We are now officially recognized as a Veteran-Owned Business through the VA (Veterans Affairs) and the SBA (Small Business Administration). We now have the capability of contracting both Government (City, State, Federal) & Military projects. So if you want a quote, or just need more information, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you, and find out what we can accomplish together!


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